Legal Reports, Petitions, and Amicus Curiae Litigation

HRF’s legal department researches and publishes international law reports, petitions, and amicus curiae briefs that focus on civil and political rights. HRF’s thorough reports carefully weigh state actions against international legal standards to expose human rights violations conducted by authoritarian regimes.

  • Judges of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in 2014. UN Photo/ICJ-CIJ
    Judges of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in 2014. UN Photo/ICJ-CIJ

Amicus Curiae Brief for the Inter-American Court

In June 2014, HRF filed an amicus curiae brief with the Inter-American Court of Human Rights in the case of Granier et al (Radio Caracas Televisión, “RCTV”) v. Venezuela. As submitted in HRF’s amicus curiae brief, the September 2015 decision by the IACourtHR gave full evidentiary value to the numerous statements made by several high-ranking officials of the Venezuelan government, including statements made by the late Hugo Chávez, as evidence of the real motives behind the shutdown of RCTV. 

The Case of Oswaldo Payá

White Paper in Response to Call for Submission of Information by UN Special Rapporteur on freedom of expression

Media Crackdown in Kazakhstan

The Case of Miguel Angel Hernandez Souquett

The Case of Maria Lourdes Afiuni Mora

Report on the State of the Independence of the Judiciary in Venezuela

Pakistan’s Failure to Protect Women from Violence: The Case of Mukhtar Mai

Russia’s Violation of the Right to Freedom of Expression: The Case of Pussy Riot

Pakistan Report to UN Special Rapporteur on Violence against Women

The Case of Emilio Palacio Urrutia

The Case of Francisco José Gómez Nadal and María Pilar Chato Carral

HRF published the following documents following the arbitrary detention and expulsion of two foreign journalists and human rights defenders in Panama.

Rubén González: Venezuelan union leader persecuted for exercising his right to freedom of association

Amicus Curiae Brief for the Inter-American Court

In February 2011, HRF filed an amicus curiae brief with the Inter-American Court of Human Rights in the case of Leopoldo López v. Venezuela. HRF asked the Court to ratify the standard set in Article 23 of the American Convention on Human Rights, under which the state may deprive a person of their political rights only after that individual is convicted as the result of a criminal trial according to due process. The September 2011 decision of the Court determined that the disqualification of López Mendoza violated his political rights under Article 23 of the Convention.

Oswaldo Álvarez Paz: Venezuelan presidential candidate imprisoned for criticizing government

Working Paper on the Democracy Clause

Working Paper on the inter-american system for the protection of democracy.

 The Facts and the Law Behind the Democratic Crisis of Honduras

Violations to the Inter-American Democratic Charter by OAS officials and to the Honduran constitution by government officials.

Gustavo Azócar: Venezuelan journalist persecuted for exercising freedom of expression and the press

Political Violence in Bolivia

Escalation of political violence in Bolivia between government opponents and supporters.

Arbitrary Detention of Guadalupe Llori

The HRF issues a complaint against the Ecuadorian government to the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention and calls for the immediate release of political prisoner Guadalupe Llori.

Marta Colomina: Venezuelan journalist a target of violence and threats

Communal Justice in Bolivia

Subversion of due process and legalization of mob rule under proposed Bolivian constitution.

Alberto Federico Ravell: Attack on news channel Globovisión by the Venezuelan government

Yon Goicoechea: Venezuelan dissident student leader persecuted for peaceful protest organization

Francisco Usón: Political prisoner and prisoner of conscience of the Venezuelan government

Retired general and former minister of finance is incarcerated for expressing opinion on TV.

Fort Mara: Eight soldiers detained and burned in suspicious fire

Contradicting reports and incomplete investigation have led to impunity - two soldiers have died, one in highly suspicious circumstances.

José Humberto Quintero: Victim of physical and psychological torture

Arrested without an issued warrant, Quintero was subjected to torture and has been awaiting trial for 22 months.

Luis Figueroa: Victim of physical torture

Illegally taken from the prison and tortured by military intelligence.