Global Coalition for the North Korean Human Rights Act

North Korea is the world’s most closed society.  The North Korean government has consistently and systematically abused the rights of its people. The Kim regime does not allow for political opposition, free or independent media, religious freedom, or civil society. Those who defy the government face sentences in some of the harshest prisons in the world and are often sentenced to death. In September 2015, HRF launched the Global Coalition for the North Korean Human Rights Act (NKHRA). This international coalition raises awareness and advocates for the passage of the NKHRA in South Korea’s parliament, where the bill sat in political limbo for the last 10 years. The act passed in South Korea's National Assembly on March 2, 2016.

Global Coalition for the North Korean Human Rights Act

The Global Coalition for the NKHRA is comprised of diverse individuals including former heads of state, Nobel Prize laureates, activists, academics, policymakers, and technologists.  They share the common cause of defending human rights and promoting freedom in North Korea.

Current members include:

Nurul Izzah Anwar - Malaysian politician
Emil Constantinescu - President of Romania (1996-2000)
Larry Diamond - Professor at Stanford University
Garry Kasparov - Chairman of HRF & Chess Grandmaster
Steven Pinker - Professor at Harvard University & author of “Better Angels of Our Nature”
Srdja Popovic - CANVAS Founder
Alejandro Toledo - President of Peru (2001-2006)
Jimmy Wales - Co-founder of Wikipedia
Viktor Yushchenko - President of Ukraine (2005-2010)

The NKHRA will create a North Korean Rights Advisory Committee under the supervision of the South Korean Ministry of Unification; promote greater awareness of North Korean human rights abuses; create a specific North Korean human rights archive to collect, record, and preserve cases of human rights violations; and most importantly, will authorize material and monetary support for South Korean civil society groups who tirelessly support victims of the North.