HRF Programs

HRF’s programs include a broad range of initiatives, such as successful campaigns to free political prisoners; on-the-ground education in closed societies; individual rights seminars on Capitol Hill; production of popular films and videos; scholarly legal analyses; high-impact media efforts; and the production of our flagship annual conference, the Oslo Freedom Forum.

Advocacy Campaigns

HRF’s advocacy campaigns raise awareness, build support, and achieve objectives for individual rights through a series of strategic, coordinated activities. These activities may include media campaigns, meetings, open and private letters, op-eds, viral videos, press releases, legal reports, and amicus curiae briefs.

Exposing Dictatorship

HRF exposes how dictators and their cronies employ public relations firms, celebrities, charitable foundations, and other institutions to burnish their reputations internationally. Through coordinated media campaigns, HRF sheds light on autocrats and their paid agents who work together to whitewash human rights violations.

Conferences and Events

HRF regularly organizes conferences and events focused on a wide range of timely topics in the field of human rights. These events range from HRF’s flagship conference—the Oslo Freedom Forum—to panel discussions, informational sessions on Capitol Hill, guest lectures, and partner events.

Center for Law and Democracy

The Human Rights Foundation Center for Law and Democracy (HRF-CLD) promotes legal scholarship in the areas of comparative constitutional law and international law, with a focus on international human rights law and international democracy law.

Third Country Outreach

HRF conducts on-the-ground programs in countries around the world. By working directly with local civil society groups, HRF supplies educational human rights material, technology, food, medicine, and other humanitarian aid to activists and citizens.

Václav Havel International Prize for Creative Dissent

The Václav Havel International Prize for Creative Dissent celebrates those who, with bravery and ingenuity, unmask the lie of dictatorship by living in truth.