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Dec. 1, 2016 | Press Releases

Your Donations To HRF Will Be Doubled Until December 31!


Thank you for being part of the HRF community. For 10 years Human Rights Foundation has worked tirelessly to advance freedom where it’s most at risk. To celebrate our decade of advocacy, we created a timeline of milestones for you, which you can explore here. Thank you for being part of this movement.

Nov. 29, 2016 | Press Releases

The Gambia: On the Eve of a Presidential Election, HRF Demands Release of Pro-Democracy Activists


NEW YORK (November 30, 2016) — Human Rights Foundation (HRF) condemns the convictions of 19 activists for conducting a peaceful demonstration demanding an official explanation for the presumed extrajudicial killings of fellow activists. HRF calls on the Gambian government to vacate the convictions and release them immediately. The court declared the activists, including prominent opposition leader Oussainou Darboe, guilty of “unlawful assembly” and “conspiracy.”

Nov. 22, 2016 | Press Releases

Turkey: HRF Condemns Shutdown of 370 Independent Civil Society Groups


NEW YORK (November 22, 2016) — Human Rights Foundation (HRF) strongly condemns the suspension of 370 civil society organizations in Turkey. On November 11, 2016, Recep Erdoğan’s government ordered the “temporary” shutdown of hundreds of civil society groups, including bar associations and children’s rights organizations, based on allegations that the groups have “ties to terrorist organizations.” Although the Turkish Deputy Prime Minister, Numan Kurtulmus, affirmed that the 370 civil society organizations are not being shutdown but suspended for three months, the extent of the “suspension” remains uncertain.

Oct. 28, 2016 | Press Releases

HRF’s Work to Be Featured in London at Mozilla and WIRED Conferences


LONDON (October 29, 2016) — Beginning today, Human Rights Foundation (HRF) is participating in two of Europe’s major technology and media events: MozFest 2016 and WIRED2016. HRF’s Flash Drives for Freedom campaign will be featured at each London-based conference, and HRF staff will be meeting with innovators and technologists to brainstorm how to more effectively advance human rights worldwide.