HRF Staff

HRF staff are dedicated, energetic professionals with a variety of backgrounds and specializations — including law, media, and grassroots advocacy — united by a strong passion for freedom and human rights. Our team includes:

Celine Assaf Boustani
International Legal Associate
Andrea Austin
Director of Programs
Javier El-Hage
Chief Legal Officer & General Counsel
Ellen Eoff
Development Specialist
Sandra Germaine
Executive Assistant to the President
Alex Gladstein
Chief Strategy Officer
Roberto González
International Legal Associate
Noemi Gonzalo-Bilbao
Communications Specialist & Media Relations Coordinator
Thor Halvorssen
President & CEO
Jamie Hancock
Senior Coordinator, Oslo Freedom Forum
Joy Jiao
International Legal Associate
Katia Krasavina
Program Officer
John Lechner
Program & Technology Officer
Alexandra Prow
Program Associate
Centa Rek
International Legal Associate
Jim Warnock
Director of Outreach