Board and International Council

The Board of Directors and International Council are made up of individuals from around the world who have a shared commitment to preserve and promote individual rights and liberties. Members are a dynamic, experienced, and committed group of global leaders—including legal experts, former prisoners of conscience, and policymakers—who advise on and oversee our work.  Members serve on a pro-bono basis.

Kenneth Anderson
Diego Arria
George Ayittey
Vladimir Bukovsky
Palden Gyatso
Thor Halvorssen
Václav Havel – Chairman Emeritus [1936-2011]
Ron Jacobs
Garry Kasparov, Chairman
Mart Laar
Alex Lloyd
Eduardo Mendoza [1917-2009]
Jacqueline Moudeina
Amir Ahmad Nasr
Marina Nemat
Abdel Nasser Ould Ethmane
Park Sang Hak
Robert A. Sirico
Mutabar Tadjibaeva
Cameron Colby Thomson
Álvaro Vargas Llosa
Ramón José Velásquez [1916-2014]
Elie Wiesel [1928 - 2016]
Harry Wu [1937 - 2016]