Board and International Council

The Board of Directors and International Council are made up of individuals from around the world who have a shared commitment to preserve and promote individual rights and liberties. Members are a dynamic, experienced, and committed group of global leaders—including legal experts, former prisoners of conscience, and policymakers—who advise on and oversee our work.  Members serve on a pro-bono basis.

Kenneth Anderson
Diego Arria
George Ayittey
Vladimir Bukovsky
Palden Gyatso
Thor Halvorssen
Václav Havel – Chairman Emeritus [1936-2011]
Ron Jacobs
Garry Kasparov, Chairman
Mart Laar
Alex Lloyd
Jacqueline Moudeina
Amir Ahmad Nasr
Marina Nemat
Abdel Nasser Ould Ethmane
Park Sang Hak
Robert A. Sirico
Mutabar Tadjibaeva
Álvaro Vargas Llosa
Ramón José Velásquez [1916-2014]
Elie Wiesel [1928 - 2016]
Harry Wu [1937 - 2016]